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Since 1989
Proudly Handcrafted & Made in Idaho - USA

Fine Handcrafted Wooden Music Stands
Dictionary Stands & Book Stands
in over 75 different designs
and Yes....still made in America...........


      Matching bench and music stand

Although Mister Standman Music Stands does not make
cello or guitar benches or cello chairs he does recommend a good friend
Ron at BBR Woodworks ...
Ron helps me with the music stand production and has a business of
his own making beautiful benches. See the link below.....
Since we do work together, we can also make sure if your ordering
both music stand and bench, we can make sure the combo matches...
So..why not order both music stand and bench......

Guitar Benches                                 Cello benches at a slant

 Click any picture above to go to Ron's
web site at  BBR Woodworks

BBR Woodworks new Cello Chair features a 5 degree slanted cushion which has been
  specifically designed for Cellists who require a cello bench or cello chair that
   not only provides comfort and durability, but one that aids in maintaining
                correct posture while playing the Cello as well. BBR Woodworks also
makes Guitar benches, guitar stands, guitar foot stools Harp stools & benches,
cello benches, cello chairs and piano benches

Get a music stand to match your bench

Mister Standman has over 50 different designs available
Click any of the pictures above to see all the designs......

Mister Standman Music  Stands produces
Wood music stand, conductor stands, music stands,
book stands, desk stands, sheet music storage stands
choir conductor stands, church stands, dictionary & bible stands
Harp music stand, guitar stands and benches, harp benches
cello bench, cello chair, cello stand
Display stands and restaurant menu holder stands.......

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