Victorian Lyre                          Classical Lyre                                      Bird of Paradise
                Natural Oak                   Black Lacquer  w / Extra Shelf                        Natural Cherry

     Tulip Lyre-Natural Cherry   Tulip Lyre with Instrument           Tulip Lyre with tuba - Mahogany
                       Almost any instrument or initial can be placed in the Tulip Lyre frame
                         Harp, Violin, cello, guitar, sax, french horn, trombone, clarinet, initials, logos-just ask

              Diamond Jim                     Modern Classic                                           Column Stand
              Natural Alder         Alder Frame with natural mahogany center            Aged cherry stain

  Victorian Lyre with Lion-walnut   Tulip Lyre with Clarinet -dark cherry  stands with Instruments

           Special design  stand       Classical Lyre with Violin            Book and dictionary stands
       Natural Walnut - no stain     Cherry with aged cherry stain    cherry with red mahogany center

  Victorian lyre with " A "         Tulip Lyre with Initial " F "         Tulip lyre with " F" plus inlay
        Natural Cherry                                 Natural Alder                       Natural Alder
           You can order any initial in the stands above letters A - Z

             Tulip Lyre with Violin       Victorian Lyre with Violin            Tulip Lyre with Harp
     Natural Mahogany-no stain Cherry with red mahogany stain          Birdseye Maple

      Tulip lyre with Celtic Pattern    Tulip Lyre with Celtic Knot   Tulip Lyre with Wedding Knot
           Red Cherry stain                   Natural cherry - no stain        Alder with cherry stain

  Diamond Jim with Half Inlay               Zither                                         Mission Oak desk stand
      Natural Alder with red mah inlays Alder with Walnut Trim                   Quarter sewn Oak

           Half Victorian Lyre               Double back stand                  Diamond Jim with Full Inlays
                                      Stores sheet music between the frames         Alder w/walnut inlays

Diamond Jim with Violin                  Art Deco Stand                                   Tree Stand
       Red Mahogany                       Alder/walnut mix                                   Walnut Burl

           Staffer                                   Bass clef                                Modern Classic
    Aged Cherry stain        Oak with early american stain            Maple with Walnut burl
     Prices are on the order form on last page...if your showing these as a gift they won't know..

  tulip Lyre with Saxophone         Tulip Lyre with French Horn                 Solid back stand
        Dark Walnut Stain                Natural Walnut                                       Red Mahogany Stain

  Kokopelli - natural alder Diamond Jim - inlay with guitar   Interlocking hearts

    Half Victorian lyre with initial  Piano desk stands         Music staff with cross
         Alder                                                   Blk Lacquer                                         Dark walnut

     Celtic cross inlay            Diamond jim with initial     Classical lyre with guitar
            Oak                                 Blk Lacquer                                   Mahogany

      Tulip lyre with trumpet        Book stands                          Modern classic
                Dark Walnut                        Red Mahogany                            Cherry with walnut burl

          United Methodist Cross                      Inlay Cross                    Victorian Lyre with Cross
                  Natural Oak                              Natural Oak                                      Natural Oak

      Presbyterian Church Logo         Special Design Church Logo                    Star of David
       Oak with presbyterian logo    Oak with Red Oak Stain -oak rays,cross         Natural Maple

  Special church logo stand Oak  Celtic Cross Oak with walnut cross     ip Lyre with Cross/Gclef

  Music Stand carrying bags     Many woods and colors to choose from                 Duet Stands
                                                                All stands have four solid feet

       Extra storage shelf        knotched ends for bow storage in extra tray  Brass Plaques available
stores- tuners,rosin,capos,pencils,still allows for storage under bow metronomes, business cards......

Brass highlights  Extra Sheet Music Shelf sits under music tray and allows storage music, books,

   All music stands or book stands can be made in many different types of wood including walnut,
maple, mahogany, cherry, alder, oak, or stained to match your furniture or instrument.  The
stands are fully adjustable in height and tilt. Regular height is 30" at the lowest, adjustable up
to 50" at the highest. All stands are custom made, so let us know if your requirements are different.
Brass highlights include knobs, brass corners on the lower section of the center post, and a brass
strip along the lower edge of the music tray.   All stands are handmade in Idaho and we are happy to
consider new designs and personalized inlays.  Shipping is usually 2 - 4 weeks after you place your
order, and shipping charges range from $25 - $40 depending on your location and weight of your
music stand. Please remember that all stands are handmade specifically for you, so if you would
like to give a music stand as a gift, please place your order as early as possible so that we can fill
it before your chosen date. We realize that style choice and wood/stain choice can be difficult, so
we welcome your phone calls to help answer questions you may have. At this time, in order to keep
our prices as low as possible, we are not accepting credit cards. Checks and money orders are fine.
To order, please fill out the order form attached.  Prices are on order form

  Frame or desk size  12 1/2"  x 22"    Conductor Size  14" x 24" Mister Standman Music Stands
  Height Adjustment  29" - 50"                Conductor height  36" - 68"       6692 E French Gulch Rd.
  ( lower height requirements from 24 " are available )           Coeur d' Alene, Idaho  83814
  Weight  -  13 - 16 lbs.    Full adjustable tilt on desk      Music tray   2  1/2"      208-664-4321
  Woods available -  oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, walnut, alder 
  birdseye maple  or stained in any color to match your furniture

Mister Standman Order Form -- We will send you a confirmation and shipping date when received
Please return your order form with a $75 deposit.  The balance is due 5 - 7 days
after you receive the stand.  Please make out your check or money order to 'Mister Standman"
Name_____________________________        If shipping to a different
                                                                        Address, please check here Street______________________________  and write on reverse side___


       Model of Stand (please check)
____Victorian Lyre($395) __Solid Back($355)__Conductor Solid Back 14"x24"($375)
___Classical  Lyre ($385) __ Column ($345)  ___Conductor Lyre Pattern ($415)
___Bird of Paradise ($395)   __Church Logo Inlay 12' x 22"   $ 375
___Tulip Lyre with lyre($395) ____Cross Inlay ($365) 12"x 22"
___Tulip Lyre with Instrument($395)  What instrument inside Tulip Lyre __________
___  Desk / Stationary Stand ($195) __Double back music storage stand ($475)
____  Zither ($365)   ____Art Deco Stand ($365.00)  ____Duet Stand ($495)
____ Modern Classic  (355.00) ___ Diamond Jim ( 385.00) ____ Staffer ( 375.00)
____Victorian Lyre with design ($395-) what design ? harp, cross, violin etc... _____________
____  Music Stand style not listed above ( Diamond Jim with inserts, celtic knot, other.)___________________
* Note:Natural wood means no stain just clear finish on the wood. mark stain color if you want a color like Red mahogany
Type of wood (circle)   Oak    Mahogany    Alder        Maple    Cherry
  other__ (usually a $ 40 - 65.00 extra charge for exotic woods like Birdseye, Curley Cherry, Walnut
___  Match my furniture ( I'll send you some photos or a picture of a stand from the web site)
 Stain color  ____Red Mahogany ____  Early American  ____     ***You can Print a picture of
                        ____ Aged cherry stain ( like a old violin)   Other________ a stand from the web site of
____Mix the woods ( no Charge - List woods ) __________________ the color you would like
         EXTRAS ......................................................................
____Extra Storage Shelf ($65) -stores bow,tuners, pencils,tuning keys,rosin,business cards,)
____ check here for notched ends for bow storage on Extra Shelf ____ Music Stand Light ( 35.00)
 ______   Sheet Music Storage Tray  ($85) ( sits down below music tray & stores sheet music)
 ____Brass accents ($35) Brass accents include brass knobs,  brass corner pcs. on lower mid
                              section and brass angle piece along music tray ( Brass is recommend on all stands)
____Brass Knobs only ($20)    ____Brass Plaque ($15-write wording on reverse side)
____ Standard Wooden knobs stained to match ( no charge) ____ Music Stand carrying bag $95.00
       Other Instructions (please write on the back if you need more room)
Are we matching anything in particular?_______________Furniture, instrument ?
Is this a surprise for someone?_____If so, how do we contact you without
spoiling the surprise?_______________________________________________
***What type of instrument is this for-violin,cello,harp,voice,choir dir, book stand ?  ____
What is the height of your stand now?______(Standard height is 30" - 50" Measured from floor to music tray)
Do you need this for a specific date?________   When?________
Return to:
Mister Standman Music Stands        208-664-4321
6692 E. French Gulch Rd     
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814