Tilt Adjustment & Brass Highlights

Conductor stands tilt to almost flat

The Brass Highlights........

 The brass highlights add a elegant touch to the stand.  Brass knobs
& corner pieces like the ones pictured above are added as well as
additional brass highlights depending on the particular model of
stand that you choose.   The brass highlights look very elegant on the
darker stands such as red mahogany and walnut stands.  If you do not
wish to get the brass highlights I can  use bronze or pewter or black knobs
or I can use wooden knobs stained to match the stand.

I do recommend though if the stand is going to get lots
of use to order the stand with the brass/bronze/black or
pewter knobs option which is $ 20.0

 As a artist ,  Mister Standman will usually put whatever knobs looks
best...  Brass , wood, or bronze knobs, pewter, or black knobs
 whatever best matches with the color of the stand...
The wood knobs under normal use last about 1 - 2 years.  The
Brass or bronze knobs  last forever........

  Brass highlights ( includes the brass knobs, corner pieces
and the brass angle piece along the music tray lip)  - $ 35.00

Brass, bronze, pewter, black colored Knobs Only -  $ 20.00

see pictures below........

         Brass Knobs      Brass angle piece along music tray included with brass Accents

 4 Brass corner pieces like the ones pictured above are placed along the
  lower middle section just above the feet.

Wooden knobs stained to match the stand
are used if you do not order the brass highlights
Mister Standman does recommend the brass knobs however

Music Stand with Brass Accents option includes
Brass knobs, corner pcs. and the brass angle piece on the tray

You can also get Pewter or Nickel Knob as well......
The Pewter knobs look nice on the Black Lacquer stands as shown above....

Also Available.......

                             Black knobs                                           Bronze Knobs

Tilt and Height Adjustment...........

Height adjustment can handle           Adjusted at about 42 inches, she still
several phone books... probably            has more height adjustment if needed
about 25 Lbs of music

The tilt adjustment allows the music tray to be tilted at a variety
of angles.   The large size conductor stand can be adjusted to
be almost parallel to the floor. The tilt is adjusted by the
loosening the lower knob, adjusting the tilt and then
screwing the knob snugly. The stands hold quite a bit of
weight - I test them with several 1100 page phone books!

Tilt Adjustment / Brass Knobs         Full Adjustable tilt on Conductor stand

Many times conductors want small lips on the music frames so that is more
easy to turn pages.....   We can do that.....

The normal size of music shelf or tray is 2 1/8 ".
Mister Standman can make the tray longer if needed
like the 3 " tray pictured above for a book that was 2 3/4 " when closed

Individual Holes are drilled on the conductor frames
because of the weight difference
for locking tilt versus open fast tilt as shown above

With the individual holes drilled the desk can adjust in 4 different places

 Mister Standman Music stands uses the Four feet
Pattern as shown on all of his music stands.  The
four feet which are almost 2 inches wide is the
main reason his stands are so stable.  All other
Music stands from other companies use those
tiny skinny three feet pattern which are about 1/2" wide
no wonder those other wooden stands are so rocky and unstable

The feet on those other stands are very small.....The picture on the
left shows the how skinny the feet are compared to the foot also
show of Mister Standman Music Stands.........

 How to Order

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