Brass Plaques

Brass or Black plaques are also available for your music stand.
Block or script lettering is available and the lettering can be darkened as
pictured below,  or lettering can remain undarkened for a more formal appearance.
Plaques come with super sticky adhesive on the back, allowing you to
position the plaque where you choose.   There is a spot on the order form that
allows you to mark that you want a brass plaque.  Please include
the wording or just write it on the back of the order form.


       2"  x  4"                                                        2 " x 4 "

Black Plaque

We can also now do laser burning into the frame -- see more info here

1" x 3 "

2"  x  4"                                                          2" x 4 "

2 x 4"                                                            2x 4"

2 x 4                                                           2 x 4

2 x 4                                                          2 x 4


This is probably about the maxium amount
of lettering you can do on a 2 x 4 plaque

Plaques pictured are actual size.
All plaques $ 15.00

You can position the plaque in the center of the
front of the frame of the stand as shown or on the back
or inside the extra storage shelf or on top of
the extra sheet music storage tray......

Inside of extra shelf

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