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     Several questions come up regularly about Mister Standman Music Stands.
Here are some replies that may answer your question.  If not, you can always
 E Mail or call  208-664-4321  with any questions you might have.

  Why are your stands sometimes less expensive than what I have seen in
the music stores ?  Why are your stands not for sale in music stores....?
  Answer:  Quite simply, when you are purchasing a stand from Mister Standman
                you are buying a stand directly from the manufacturer (that's me!)
                There is no middle man or markup costs that retail stores have.
                We also have kept costs low by accepting checks and money orders
                directly from you versus using credit cards which is expensive for us.
              Mister Standman is one of very few music stand companies whose stands
                are Made in America ........... not imported from somewhere else.....
               My stands are not for sale in any music stores simply because they
                mark items up sometimes up to 100%. $ 300.00 music stand
              I sell them is now for sale in the store for $ 600.00.  $ 600.00 music stands
                       don't sell very well.......if at all......
 Are you stands adjustable ?
  Answer :  Yes,  the usual height adjustment is from 28"  - 50".  That is the
                  measurement from the floor to the music tray.  Since each stand
                  is handmade, I can change any dimension.  Classical guitar players,
                 for instance, like to see the minimum height adjustment to be
                 about 24".  Singers generally don't need a low adjustment, but
                 often want the stand to go 60" or more if they stand on a podium.
                 The height adjustment can be made to whatever you need.  All of the
                 stands also have the full adjustable tilt ( click here to see)

What type of knobs do you use if I don't get the brass highlights  ?
    Answer:  I use wooden knobs stained to match the stand.  The brass
                  Highlights ( click here to see) are a nice addition to the stand.
                  The brass looks especially nice on the darker stands like the
                 red mahogany, walnut, oak.  The brass knobs are coated with
                 a special coating so that they should never have to be polished
                 or look tarnished.  I also recommend the brass hardware if
                 the stand is getting lots of use such as in a teaching studio or church.

 How thick are the music frames ?
    Answer:   I use a solid piece of wood on all the frames which is 5/8 thick.
                   A solid piece of wood means a "real" piece of wood - not a laminate
                  or what Mister Standman calls 'fake' wood.   The reason I use the
                  solid piece of wood is that if I use the laminate wood,  you would
                  see the plywood lines in all the cutouts.  It does cost more to use
                  the real wood, but Mister Standman believes that quality is important,
                  and strives to produce the best and most attractive music stand possible.

Do you have any stands in stock ?
     Answer:  That has always been Mister Standman's dream!  We try to have a few
                    stands in stock, but they may not be the style or color that you want.
                    Mister Standman is a small  shop which only produces 5 - 6 stands
                    per week. I am often backed up with orders, but I can accommodate
                    a last minute request every now and then. Please call and we can give
                    you a time frame for your order. I hear all the time  from my customers
                   that they have been looking  for years for a beautiful stand like Mister
                   Standman's stands, so to wait a few weeks for delivery is
                ' not a problem.'

 Can I get the Lyre music stand in any wood ?
     Answer:  Yes,  you can order any of my music stand styles in over 10
                     different woods and 20 different stain colors ( click her to see).
                     I can also match a particular stain color you have on your
                    furniture if you do not see on my stain chart.  Send us a picture,
                    and we can come very close to matching your instrument or
                    furniture by mixing stain colors.

 Are your stands sturdy ?
       Answer:   To be honest, my stands are probably sturdier than they may need to
                     be!   I  have spent over 12 years refining the design of my stands
                     and have sold thousands in the last 12 years to satisfied customers.
                 The four foot design I have also makes the stands more steady.  Every
                     other music stand out there has only three feet.  What stands better,
                     a table with three legs or one with four ?

Can your stands be used as a book or dictionary stand ?
          Answer:  Yes,  my stands are very Sturdy and can be used as a dictionary
                      or book stand.  The stands were tested by using 3 very large
                     telephone books ( about 30 Lb. ) and the stand could probably
                    of handled 3 more !  When ordering do mention that the stand will
                    be used as a book stand since I do a few things different in production
                    to be able to handle weight ( click here to see what I mean )

 How do I order & Why don't you accept credit cards ?
         Answer:  You can order a stand by printing out the order form ( click here).
                     Simply send this in with a $ 75.00 deposit. Mister Standman does
                     not currently accept credit cards.  Certain things are costly for us as
                     a business, and our customers have made it clear that they prefer
                     reasonable prices rather than the use of credit cards. Mister Standman
                     keeps costs moderate by not having the 'fanciest' brochures, by accepting
                     personal checks rather than credit cards, and by dealing directly with
                     our customers!

  Can I call 2 -3 days before my wife's birthday or Christmas and
    expect to have a stand produced and shipped out overnight that day ?
              Answer:  Don't Laugh !  I get a lot of calls like that.  The answer is
                usually no.  Sometimes, I can fit in your last minute request, and
                sometimes we may have just your choice of model and color in stock.
                Please call and ask! If we can't fill your order immediately, you can
                print out a picture of my stands, give it to your wife or daughter
                with a note that says:

                  " A Beautiful Handmade custom wooden music stand is being
                       especially made  for you and will be delivered later....."

What is the warranty policy and can I return the stand if I don't like it ?
            Answer:  Of course you can return it.  I will say though, I have never
                            had a music stand returned in over 12 years of business.
                            That is a very good record.  We do have a 1 year warranty
                             on the workmanship of the stand.  Of course if the stand
                             is knocked over or falls off a stage ( don't laugh its happened)
                             and breaks that does not apply to the warranty.  These stands
                             are wood and just like if you knocked over your beautiful
                             turn of the century hutch while moving its going to break
                             I can however fix whatever breaks since I am the manufacture
                             ( try getting one of those stands imported from some far away
                              country like China repaired if it breaks  !!!!

     If have seen music stands advertised for as low as $ 89.00.  How good are these ?
                            Do I have to answer this ??  Think ? a $ 89.00 stand for sale from a
                company is a stand the company paid $ 49.00 for from a importer in
                 New York.  Remember everyone marks items up at least 100 %.........
                     That importer paid $ 29.00 for it from his uncle in Hong Kong.
                      That uncle in Hong Kong bought it from his brother in China that was
                      supposed to give it to him at cost but paid $ 12.00 for it from a friend
                       that worked at the factory in China.  A product always touches many
                       hands and everyone gets a piece of the pie before it gets to the retailer.
                     and finally to you....Unless you buy direct from the factory like me
                          So how good is a $ 12.00 stand... I don't know you tell me.........

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