Gift Certificates


         Gift Certificates are available from Mister Standman for those
who want to purchase a stand as a gift but are not sure which stand
to order for that special person.  The Gift Certificate is also a good idea
if Mister Standman is to backed up with orders and can not make that
special occasion.   We can include a color brochure of the stands with
the gift certificate so that the recipient can choose the perfect stand in
the color and wood they prefer.  The order process is handled the same.
A $75.00 deposit is required and we will bill you for the balance once
the music stand is done and shipped to the gift certificate recipient.
All prices will be kept secret if you choose, and your gift will be
a beautiful, useful reminder of your thoughtfulness.


Instructions for using a Mister Standman Gift Certificate

There are two different certificates available.
1. YOU choose the music stand for the person who will be receiving it. We will
fill in a certificate and send it to you to give to the recipient for Christmas.
We can also enclose a picture of the model you selected if you wish. Along with
your certificate, we will enclose an approximate shipping date so that you know
when the stand will be completed and sent. See below for ordering / billing information.
You can also print out this form yourself if you have a color printer by clicking here........

2. You allow the RECIPIENT to choose the music stand. We will send a gift
certificate listing our website and phone information so that the recipient can
select their own stand. Also enclosed will be an order form for the recipient
to complete and send in so that we have their wishes in writing! Again, we will
give you an approximate shipping date so that you both know when to
expect the stand.    YOu can also print out this form yourself if you
have a color printer by clicking here........

If ordering a gift Certificate for a BOOK STAND   click here......... and press
print on your web browser

Ordering and Billing.
With either gift certificate you choose, the order process is the same. Send us
an order form with YOUR name and address along with a $75 deposit.
Click here to find a printable order form

If you have difficulty, we can mail one to you. If YOU choose the model,
fill in the order form, and be sure to check the 'ship to a different address'
if the gift is going to a person at a different address. If you want to allow the
RECIPIENT to choose their music stand, STILL send us the order form and
mark it 'gift to be chosen by____________' (filling in the blank with the person who
will be choosing the gift.)

On our end, we will coordinate it by assigning gift certificate numbers to each
giver, and by keeping your order form on file with your billing address.
Christmas is always busy for us, and we will enclose a note regarding the
scheduled shipping date for your stand. We schedule stands according to the
postmark on the order form, so send your order as soon as you can!

When the stand is shipped, the recipient will receive a stand with assembly
instructions (very easy!) but will not receive an invoice. YOU will receive the
invoice, so when you get your invoice, in the mail, check with the person receiving
the stand to be sure it arrived in good condition and that all is well. The balance for
your stand should be sent when the stand arrives.

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