3 foot versus 4 foot design & round pole option

                Just a note:  Harpists have noted that there is plenty of clearance for pedal
           movement with the four foot design. We recommend the four foot design for stability
               and durability. The three foot design will be made for those requesting it. Please
          be sure to note your preference if you require three feet.  The round center adjusting
              pole option does allow the harpist to swivel or turn the music frame 360 degrees
               although the regular square pole design is the more prefered by the harpists.
When ordering the round pole you are required to get the brass accents.

                   4 foot design                                        3 foot design
There really is not much difference between the two........
Mister Standman and his wife also a harpist
does prefer the 4 foot design

       A round center adjusting pole allows
the frame to swivel 360' .

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