Assembly Instructions for Mister Standman Music Stands

     The music stand pieces including the feet, frame
                                                      center section and adjusting pole

First unpack the pieces from the box                     Unwrap the pieces from the foam wrap

   Put the feet together as shown                        Note: the two marks are align together

 Align the dot with the dots on the feet the....   Put the center section through the hole in the feet

The flat washer goes on first then the split
washer then the nut.  Tighten with a wrench
or pliers

       Next get the knobs from the pole
       Yours may be brass versus
          wooden knobs pictured.                       Insert the long adjusting pole through
                                                                      the back  part of the frame as shown.
                                                                  Note that the holes on the adjusting pole
                                                                 must be on the same side as the holes of the
                                                                           adjusting slider and top hole.


The longer knob is inserted in the top hole. This knob pushes in and does not tighten.
The shorter knob is inserted in the lower hole with the arch as pictured.  The lower  knob
is the one that tightens the tilt adjustment.  The far right photo is how some dummy tried to
assemble it  ..  the pole goes in betwen the slots .. not on the outside !!!!

Insert the frame so that the height adjustment knob is toward you, the musician.
The knob should be facing you, as is the frame for your music as pictured.
Height can be adjusted by loosening the knob, raising the pole, and tightening the
knob.     Your done............

Since 1989
Proudly Handcrafted
Made in Idaho
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Mister Standman Music Stands
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