Modern Classic

maple with walnut center   -  maple with lacewood center
shown with extra shelf's and matching sheet music shelf's

  Modern Classic can be done in a variety of
natural woods including Walnut & Maple,  Mahogany & Alder,
Paduk and Mahogany, Alder & Rosewood, or any combo you
would like to have. The wood inside the frame is a full inlay meaning
it can be seen from both sides of the frame.   The Modern Classic
is $ 355.00.  All of Mister Standman's  frames can be made into
the larger conductor size if needed including the
Modern Classic below.  There is also a extra charge of
$ 15.00- $25.00  for some of the exotic woods such as Paduk
Zebra, Tiger and Rosewood, curly cherry and walnut burl
as pictured well as the red mahogany  center.
The frame size is 12 1/2" x 22"
or you can order the larger conductor size of 14" x 24" frame
we can also do larger or smaller sizes - just ask
The conductor size is $ 375.00.......

        oak/mahogany             mahogany/walnut burl         maple/walnut        walnut/curley cherry

walnut/zebra wood            maple/red mahogany    maple/curley cherry        alder/swirl mahogany

aged cherry/red mahogany              walnut/alder          oak/walnut burl                  walnut/tiger wood

Birdseye Maple/ walnut     Mahogany with maple burl   dark walnut with cherry burl

mahogany/paduk                 maple/purple heart           mahogany/walnut burl

Modern Classic Vertical design        Modern Mission Design   Aromatic cedar /Maple

Something different ?   this was just a mix of woods all in a row

Maple with red paduk center                      maple with lacewood center

Dark Pervian walnut with a figured Mahogany center
Also has laser burned lettering work done ,,

Walnut burl Center with a walnut burl frame
This one had a High School logo of the beaver adn tree
lasered burned into the design

All Oak - oak wild pattern in the center with a oak border

Walnut with Curley Maple center with inlay guitar

A little different with a border around the inside edge
and outside edges of solid frames below..
Everything is handmade by me so I can change anything
Got a idea ??     Let me know ..

maple with alder stained walnut wild center     dark walnut with wild maple center

tiger wood frame with a wild walnut center

Curly Cherry with a walnut burl center
Please dont ask for one like this.. This was
a one of a kind piece of walnut burl which I paid
$ 150.00 just for that piece of walnut you looking
at not including the rest of the wood for the stand !!!!
There was almost $ 200 just in wood for this stand.
That was a solid piece of walnut - not a veneer !!
If you want a walnut burl like this add a lot   $$

Natural cherry with Purple Heart -very nice combo !!
notice on this stand we mixed the woods on the trim pieces around the center section

We can also make the feet more square on the end as the example on
the left to match more the modern classic design versus the sloped feet
in red mahogany on the right ...  just mark this request down on the order form

Curley Cherry with figured maple center         alder with wild cherry center

Maple frame with cherry wild center         Curley cherry with figured 1/4 sewn oak

walnut with quarter sewn oak center     walnut with wild birdseye maple

walnut stained red mahogany frame with walnut burl center

Walnut stained red mahogany with a flamed maple center

Similiar to above  -  walnut with figured maple center

walnut burl center with a walnut frame

Fiddle back maple with curley cherry center
see the wavy lines in the maple..thats called fiddle back or tiger maple

different effect -  curley cherry frame and tiger maple center

Curley cherry frame with a wild figured maple center

walnut burl with fiddle back maple frame

Alder with Walnut burl center            Walnut with wild thing oak center

Natural Cherry with curley cherry center
making a not so contrasting design.
You can do this in any wood like walnut on walnut
or mahogany with mahogany or oak with oak.....or.......

New Design

Modern Classic Deluxe...  $$ adds about $ 100.00

 This design has a walnut burl inside surrounded
by a paduk inlay border.  The frame is natural mahogany
and the ends are Wenge wood.  Again you can mix and
wood combo but his one really turned out nice...

same as above - except the outside corners are lacewood -
we can also make the shelf in any wood to match like the walnut shelf as shown

New Design as well....

We can take a solid board and make a border around it like pictured here......
Fiddle back maple with a walnut border.......

don't mind a few knots or character in the wood..
alder with a walnut    1 " border- very cool !!

Alder border with stained alder walnut color center

same shot as above - alder is really more of this
yellow tone color.. notice the figured shelf as well

this was actually a sheet music shelf as you can see from the hole in
the center but you could make the frame the same.. mahogany with a paduk trim

I can also just basically edge band the wood like this Purple Heart
I did around the batural oak.. In this example I only edged
the top and used a purple heart tray and not this sides.. I just felt
that by doing the sides as well it was just to much artistcally

It's hard to see but the sheet music shelf below
had the purple heart edge banding as well

Golden Rectangle  - curly cherry with darkwalnut inlay

mahogany with maple burl center - cross optional

Walnut with  curley cherry center - violin inlay

walnut burl with walnut frame

We can inlay a instrument or initial inside ..
just ask to see if we can do your instrument

Inlay initial is possible !!

This is a Chalice and Cross inlayed in the Modern Classic
design.. red mahogaby center with cherry outer

Windows Design

( I wanted to call it Windows 2005 but you know who might sue me if I use that name....)
Its basically the modern classic frame but we fill in the two center panels with a
different wood. In this case we used the dark peruvian walnut for the frame and
used alder for the two panels.  Again , as the modern classic above we can mix the woods...
Windows - $ 345.00

Maple with natural cherry centers


Natural Oak with Mahogany Swirl wildness- Conductor Size

Alder with a wild cherry center

Alder with a curley mahogany center

Modern Classic - natural mahogany frame with walnut burl center

Both front and back side of frames are the same as shown.......
In other words its a solid board we use not a laminate.....

Curley cherry frame with walnut burl center

same curley cherry frame with a walnut burl center
note :  no two walnut burls are the same

We can also do the extra sheet music shelf to match
Sheet music shelf to match  $ 100.00

Same as above but with natural cherry frame
Modern Classic - Cherry frame with walnut burl center
Notice:  No two burls will ever look the same.......

Walnut with Curley Cherry Center          Walnut with curley cherry swirl center

Dark Walnut with Wild cherry center.......

Dark walnut with tiger wood

dark walnut frame with natural lighter walnut center

Birdseye maple with a walnut center - looks redder than it is

Walnut with figured cherry center

Birdseye Maple frame with Curley Cherry center

 We use the same wood that's in the middle for the music tray
Curley Cherry extra storage tray..........this is a one of kind
board.....I doubt I can ever get one this nice........

Birdseye maple with figured cherry center
This is more like the curley cherry I can get...

Modern Classic Vertical design in Oak
Just a different look in using the grain and several pieces
surrounded by a smaller frame

Maple with Walnut Burl.......
This is a exceptional piece of walnut burl and all others
might not look this good !

Oak with walnut burl center - conductor size  14" x 25"

Alder with a smoked' birdseye maple center
Very Nice Combination !!!

Oak with Natural cherry center

Walnut with Tiger Wood                            Walnut with Zebra Wood
You could also turn these woods around like a zebra wood
frame with a walnut center

Zebra wood with natural lighter walnut

Modern Classic maple with Walnut burl center  Alder with natural Mahogany Center
Same thing here you could switch the woods in any combination
like alder center with mahogany trim or alder trim with
walnut center or.....

Maple with Curley Cherry Center

Birdseye maple with walnut burl center

Aromatic Cedar and maple center

New Design

Windows  - Dark walnut with alder panels
( I wanted to call it Windows 2005 but you know who
might sue me if I use that name......)
Its basically the modern classic frame but we fill in the two
center panels with a different wood. In this case we used
the dark peruvian walnut for the frame and used alder for
the two panels.  Again , as the modern classic above
we can mix the woods.....
Windows - $ 345.00

Dark walnut with fiddle back windows------
also has matching extra sheet music tray........

Back side of the frame.....The wood is the same on both sides other words we use a solid board not a laminate.....

Natural Mahogany with Paduk Center           Oak with Rosewood Center ****

You could also switch the woods around like
oak center with walnut trim or paduk trim with
mahogany center or ........

Maple with rosewood Center ****               Natural Cherry with walnut burl center

 ****Sorry Rosewood no longer available..........
You can get the same effect by using mahogany stained deep red color just ask.....

Maple with Purple Heart Center                  Cherry with Red mahogany stained center
You could also switch the woods here like
purple heart trim and maple center or alder with
purple heart or.......

Maple with Red Mahogany Center             Maple with Walnut Center

               Mahogany with Walnut Burl                  Mahogany with Lacewood center
                                  You could also switch the wood around to walnut
with mahogany center or.................

mahogany with walnut burl center

        KOA with Maple                                             Cedar with Maple Center
You could also switch the woods around here as well..... like a maple frame
with a aromatic cedar center

The Modern Classic as pictured on the left in alder with red mahogany
stain is the only modern classic that has to be stained very carefully
in the center without staining the outside frame as pictured to the right.
Its not to easy to do......The other modern classic frames are done in
natural woods so no staining is required.  There is a  $ 20.00
extra charge for this.  Sorry.....I spend about 2 hours extra
doing this stand because of work involved.

Birdseye Maple with Red Mahogany Center

Any of Mister Standman's designs can be made into a desk/book stand
Modern Classic with alder stained cherry color and
mahogany stained red in center

 The Extra Storage shelf sits below the music tray and is
 a great idea for storing tuners, metronomes, business cards,
pencils, rosin, bows and other items.  You can also order the extra
shelf with a knotched end in the tray as shown to hold your bow.
The extra shelf can be added to any of the designs of Mister Standman.
The Brass Highlights or brass knobs to the left adds a touch of elegance
to the stand...

The extra sheet music storage tray helps in
giving you a place to put your extra sheet music
and pieces your currently working on......

Do you have a special height requirement for your stand
Click picture to find out more.....

Benches also available to match the stand

 Mister Standman Music stands uses the Four feet Pattern as shown on all
of his music stands.  The four feet which are almost 2 inches wide is the
main reason his stands are so stable.  Almost all other Music stands from other
companies use those tiny skinny three feet pattern which are about 1/2" wide
No wonder those other wooden stands are so rocky and unstable.........
See picture to the right........


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