Tulip Lyre

Tulip Lyre - side view - Mahognay with Early American Stain

The tulip lyre stand is probably one of the more popular styles that
customers choose if they are buying one for a friend and not to sure
which design to get.  Its design is not to "frilly" as the Victorian lyre but is a
wonderful I call "neutral" design that just about everyone can like.
Shown in red mahogany finish below you can order the music stand in any
wood or stain color of choice (Click here to see wood choices and colors)
To find out more or to see other styles of Mister Standman's
music stands click the picture below.  The Tulip Lyre is $ 365.00

Tulip Lyre in Red Mahogany

Tulip Lyre in Natural Mahogany with the cutouts around
the lyre part only stained red mahogany and reinserted
or glued back in........See up close shot below....
$ 15.00 for the inserts glued back in

It did make a nice effect to the lyre part.......

Alos can be done with the Fleur de Lis..

You can order any stand in
              over 30 different woods and color choices -click
              picture to see wood and stain color choices........

 Mister Standman Music stands uses the Four feet Pattern as shown on all
of his music stands.  The four feet which are almost 2 inches wide is the
main reason his stands are so stable.  Most other music stands from other
companies use those tiny skinny three feet pattern which are about 1/2" wide
No wonder those other wooden stands are so rocky and unstable..........
See picture on the right........

 The Extra Storage shelf sits below the music tray and is
 a great idea for storing tuners, metronomes, business cards,
pencils, rosin, bows and other items.  You can also order the extra
shelf with a knotched end in the tray as shown to hold your bow.  The extra
shelf can be added to any of the designs of Mister Standman.  The
Brass Highlights or brass knobs to the left adds a touch of elegance to the stand...

The extra sheet music storage tray helps in
giving you a place to put your extra sheet music
and pieces your currently working on......

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