How A United Methodist Cross with flame is Inlaid.....

The Finished product

The United Methodist Cross with flame is actually a inlay which can be
seen on both sides of the frame.   Usually done with a Oak solid board,
the flame inlay is Paduk which really is a reddish wood from the bloodwood
tree family of wood in Africa.   The Cross I usually use walnut.

The Cross and flame is traced onto the wood                 Cut out the flame part only on the scroll saw

Trace the cutout part onto the Paduk and cut out

               Glue the flame in place                           After the glue has dried sand the flame flush with the wood

Cut the traced Cross part out                        Glue in the walnut cross pieces

Glue in all the holes around the inlays                  Sand down flush around the whole inlay

It looks easy but it took me many years to master
this....I suggest don't try it yourself.....

Back side of the inlay cross stand
The UMC stand is the same where
you can see the logo on both sides of the
music stand

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