Presbyterian Music or Choir director stand

Presbyterian Logo Music Director Stand
Cross in blue paint and flames in red oak stain
Conductor Size 14" x 24" - $ 375.00
Regular Size  12.5" x 22" - $ 355.00

The New Presbyterian Cross Logo stand is simple and graceful
in appearance. The inlay logo is done with a solid inlay that
is seen from both the front and back of the stand.
Popular with churches, the stand is usually made to match the
pulpit or the pews in the Church.  Mister Standman produces
this stand with an extra tall center post for use by the
choir director, vocalist, or as a moveable lectern.  The Presbyterian Cross
music stand is often made of oak for durability with the inlay
cross done in the colors above.    Mister Standman's stands can be produced
in several different Frame dimensions.  The most common that
Presbyterian churches order is the conductor size frame of 14" x 24".
The conductor version of the music stand is made more heavy duty'
than the normal music stand The inlay stand and all of Mister Standman
stands can be stained to match your church furniture or left in
the natural oak color as the picture above.
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Presbyterian Logo
  Cross in Oak stained walnut and flames in Red Stained Oak color

Oak with Early American Stain
Cross in Natural Oak - Flame with Red Oak stain
Presbyterian logo

aged cherry stain with walnut stained cross

Victorian Lyre with Presbyterian logo - $ 395.00

Victorian Lyre with Presbyterian cutout

Height is Adjustable

            Brass plaques Available                   Music Stand carrying bag

The Extra Storage shelf is a great idea Brass Accents
for storing tuners, metronomes, business cards,
pencils, rosin, bows and other items.  The extra
shelf can be added to any of the designs of Mister Standman

Double back cross inlay allows you to store sheet
music in between the two frames...Shown here with
Extra sheet music storage tray and extra shelf....
This is the deluxe model .................

Extra Sheet Music Storage or
can hold a bible, other book, cup of coffee
or in some churches a doughnut

 Mister Standman Music stands uses the Four feet Pattern as shown on all
of his music stands.  The four feet which are almost 2 inches wide is the
main reason his stands are so stable.  Almost all other Music stands from other
companies use those tiny skinny three feet pattern which are about 1/2" wide
No wonder those other wooden stands are so rocky and unstable...........
See Picture on the right........
Mister Standman produces fine
Wood music stand, conductor stands, music stands,
book stands, desk stands, sheet music storage stands
choir conductor stands, church stands, dictionary & bible stands
Harp music stand, guitar stands and benches, harp benches
Display stands and restaurant menu holder stands.......

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