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Harp Music Stand Page
To match your Pedal or Folk harp
Designed by a Harpist for a Harpist

Several different designs to choose from...........
See below for more information and prices......

Harp Motif Designs

               Tulip Lyre with harp                         Victorian Lyre with Harp

Classical Lyre with Harp                         Diamond Jim with Harp

Diamond Jim with folk harp inlay diamonds

King Louis Stand to match style L/H  30             Half Victorian Lyre with Harp

Solid Back maple with a red mahogany harp inlay -
inlay is seen on both sides !!

Half Victorian Lyre with Harp                Salzadeo Art Deco stand

Double Back Sheet music storage                      Pedal or folk harp stand

Tulip Lyre with Celtic knot                          THE Victorian Lyre

This Salvi Airanna Harp is the hardest thing
to match. We settled on a solid back design with
a inlay around the top and inlay in the center section

Laser burning lettering into the frame

More Information starts here......

Victorian Lyre with Harp music stand with extra storage shelf - Maple

Victorian lyre with harp music stand in maple above will match
Lyon Healy 85E, Salvi Diana and others..........in natural as they call it
The extra shelf is designed to
hold your tuner, harp tuning key, pencils, business cards, candy,
cell phone?( just kidding I hope....), and other items.....

This is basically half of the Victorian lyre design as shown above.

The lyre stand and and other styles can be made in walnut, cherry,
birdseye maple, oak, mahogany, maple, birch or in any color stain to
best match your harp.  Mister Standman's friend is also a harpist
so I have seen just about every harp and model over the
years and can usually get the best wood and color to match your harp.
 Let Mister Standman know what type of harp and model you have
when ordering ( such as Lyon Healy 85 E in Natural or Venus Harp Diplomat in
Mahogany, Salvi Harps Sinfonietta in Ebony or Camac Harp Atlantide in Cherry or
Triplette Folk harp in Cherry or Dusty Strings folk harps in Walnut, ...........)
__________Click here to find out more about matching your harp____

Extra shelf stores tuning key, tuner, pencils

Click here to find out more about matching your harp
The new Victorian lyre with Harp motif harp music stand is now
available from Mister Standman Music Stands.
Shown in birdseye maple above, you can order the music stand in
any wood or stain color of choice
(Click here to see wood choices and colors)
The tulip frame is also available in other instrument inserts
like the Sax above including bass, cello, harp, trumpet,
tuba, ect.  ( click here to see other examples) To find out more
or to see other styles of Mister Standman's music stands click
the picture with all the stands below.
The height is adjustable and the tilt is adjustable.
The minimum height is 29" although since Mister Standman
stands are all handmade he can make the height go as low as 20".
There are a lot of stands out there that the height is just to
tall for harpists.  Many stands I've seen of the internet
start at a minimum height of 38"..thats to tall for a harpist.....

Tulip Lyre with the "G" is at 29"      Diamond Jim is at 22"
Most pedal harpists have there stand at 30"      Folk harpers is at 26"

The Tulip Lyre with harp stand is $ 385.00.
The Victorian Lyre with Harp music stand is $ 395.00.
The Classical Lyre with Harp stand is $ 385.00
The Double back stand with harp music stand is $ 475.00
Diamond Jim with Inlays - $ 425.00
The Extra shelf  is $ 65.00...........
The sheet music shelf that sits below the frame is $ 85.00

Victorian Lyre with Harp with extra shelf- Red Mahogany to match Lyon Healy 85 E

Classical Lyre with Harp - dark walnut

Classical lyre with harp - birdseye maple

Tulip lyre with folk Harp in Cherry              Tulip Lyre with Pedal Harp in Birdseye Maple
         The Walnut above will match Dusty Strings and triplet folk harps in walnut......

Half Victorian Lyre in Alder wood           Half Victorian Lyre with Initial - alder wood

Yes......we can do the Half Victorian lyre with the harp in the middle....

Looking to match the older Lyon Healy harps.....
This is the Half Victorian lyre in alder wood
next to Lyon Healy 23 - made in 1973
order any stand or design in alder to match
the aged older harps

Victorian Lyre with Pedal Harp                        Victorian Lyre with Folk Harp
         Red Mahogany                                          Natural Cherry with Extra Shelf

Classical lyre with Harp - natural cherry

Double Back tulip lyre with pedal harp design allows you to store
all that sheet music you have laying around inside the two frames......
Not available in the Victorian Lyre design.......

Tulip lyre with Harp in Black lacquer with the cutout inserts around the harp
glued back in..We could do the opposite of this by painting the inserts black
and gluing them back in around like the one above

Inserting and gluing the cutouts back in

We could paint the inserts around the harp black and reinsert them in the
maple stand like this one...

Want the pattern on the back side so the audience can see it  ?...
We Can do it !!   In this example we glued in a alder board on the
inside of the back of the frame so that the music stored inside does not show
through and it also highlights the harp more - this does add $ 20.00 though

Victorian Lyre with Harp with Extra Shelf - Walnut  -      same in Maple -  $ 345.00

Victorian Lyre with Folk Harp - no strings  - a different look

Victorian lyre with Folk harp - mahogany

Art Deco Design - red mahogany with alder to match soundboard

Harp and Flute in Alder with Red cherry stain......Made for a harp/flute duo
We can also do 2 harps on the back of the frame as well

Classical lyre with Harp - dark walnut     Victorian Lyre - red mahogany

"New  Design"
Half Victorian Lyre
Can be done in any color to match your harp......

Half Victorian Lyre with Harp - Birdseye Maple
( This example we painted the harp blue to match her Camac Blue Harp )
You can get this stand without painting the harp !!!!
I think it looks better not painting the harp........

Victorian Lyre with Harp in Red Mahogany
with Extra Shelf
Will Match the Lyon Healy 85 E in Mahogany

Other stands available.......

       Diamond Jim with Harp                            Harp Stand - Has harps on back side of frame

Tulip Lyre with Celtic Knot   Art Deco Fan matches L/H Salzedo Harp

Art deco stand with Salvi Harp
Red Mahogany with alder alternate panels in the Art Deco design


Ebony black lacquer Salvi harp with
with Diamond Jim Black Lacquer
music stand with maple diamonds
Photo courtesy of customer named Todd

Diamond Jim in above photo                  Feet can get very close to the pedals

Lyon Healy Style 85 E
in Natural Maple


The Extra Storage shelf is a great idea Brass Accents
for storing tuners, metronomes, business cards,
pencils, rosin, bows and other items.  The extra
shelf can be added to any of the designs of Mister Standman
Brass Highlights adds a touch of elegance to any of the stands

The extra sheet music storage tray helps in
giving you a place to put your extra sheet music
and pieces your currently working on......

Music Stand Carrying Bag
Click picture for more info....

Mister Standman has over 45 different designs available !!
Click any of the pictures above to see all the designs......

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